Andrew Kelley - Spot the Fail (2013 Jul 10)

Spot the Fail

It's time to have a little fun.

Sometimes when I'm programming, I do something so comically stupid that I feel the need to screenshot the code and share my facepalm moment with someone else.

There are a couple guidelines for my flavor of Spot the Fail:


I have collected a few of these screenshots and explanations for your enjoyment.

1. Labyrinth

South, South. Should be North, South.

2. jax

Classic. Missing break on one of the cases.

3. jax

Bytes are not 4 bits long.

4. "Code from work"

Case 8 should be [0-7] not [0-8].

5. motrs

It's the cliché break statement again. Seriously, gotta watch out for that.

6. motrs

new T[newSizeX + m_sizeY * m_sizeZ] - the addition should be multiplication.


D'oh! I asked for 1 more character than I should have.

8. motrs

m_tileCountY = value; instead of value should be tileCount.

9. menu item

Tried to press the "OK" button with ALt+O; instead messed up the shortcut.




vim spotted the fail for me. Good job vim.


state.user !============== null

13. repatriator

It's highlighted in red. Pretty silly.

14. repatriator

X and Y are swapped

15. Some Rails Code

syntax error: enr

16. motrs

"C:\out.bin" - accidentally escaping the 'o' but more importantly it's not even running on windows.


Well, hope that was fun.

On a relevant note, remember when Quixey in an act of hiring PR offered $100 if you could spot the fail in 1 minute? Good times.

Thanks for reading my blog post.

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